Sen. Camera Bartolotta

senatorSen. Camera Bartolotta
Senate District 46
Republican, serving Beaver County (Part),
Greene County, Washington County (Part)
Member of the Senate Since: 2014

Cannonsburg Office: 724-746-3762
Waynesburg Office: 724-627-9802
Harrisburg Office: 717-787-1463

Sen. Camera Bartolotta

Dear Senator Bartolotta,

I am writing to you in appreciation of your support for comprehensive LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination legislation.

Discrimination is a serious issue that negatively impacts thousands of LGBT Pennsylvanians, including your constituents. Unfortunately, our commonwealth remains the only state in the Northeast that has not updated its nondiscrimination law to protect LGBT people in housing, employment, and public accommodations.

Every Pennsylvanian should be able to work, live, and thrive in their community. Strong economies and societies are based in making sure each individual has an equal chance to fully participate. When LGBT Pennsylvanians are treated just like everyone else, our communities are strengthened with respect and mutual regard.

Our state constitution guarantees that every Pennsylvanian is born equally free. Adopting this common-sense nondiscrimination legislation will ensure that LGBT people can live and work with dignity and on equal terms alongside their neighbors.

Thank you again for supporting comprehensive nondiscrimination legislation and doing everything you can to ensure this bill becomes law.


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